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Armored Rifle Platoon (Winter)

Armored Rifle Platoon (Winter)

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Includes five M3 Half-tracks with Plastic Parts one Command team five Rifle teams five Bazooka teams two LMG teams one 60mm mortar team two Half-track stowage sprues eleven optional passenger figures five Small two-hole bases one Small three-hole base & eight Medium four-hole bases Related products:1. Devils Charge (Ref: FW222)2. M24 Chaffee Platoon (Ref: UBX33)3. Calliope Tank Platoon (Ref: UBX34)4. Rifle Company (Winter) (Ref: UBX35)5. Engineer Combat Company (Winter) (Ref: UBX36)6. Engineer Support Platoon (Ref: UBX37)

Extra Info

Main Cat: United States of America
More info:
Unit Type: Infantry
Period: Late War
Sub Class: Infantry, Platoon