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Moria Goblins

Moria Goblins

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Moria Goblins are small, mean-spirited creatures that live a troglodyte existence in the numerous delvings beneath the Misty Mountains. The ancient Dwarf tunnels of Moria have become home to these loathsome monsters. They scuttle through the tunnels with amazing dexterity, attacking, destroying and consuming intruders that venture into their dark realm. They are a low kind of degenerate Orc that rely on large numbers to overwhelm the foe. This box set contains 24 plastic Moria Goblins, including: eight with sword and shield, eight with bow and eight with spears. Models are supplied with 25mm round bases.

Extra Info

Game: The Lord of The Rings
Main Category: The Misty Mountains
Part Code: 99121499003
Sub Category: Heroes and Command, Monsters, Warriors