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The KLASK game board is shaped like a ball field with two deep holes functioning as goals in each end of the field. In the middle of the field, three white magnetic pieces serve as "obstacles" do NOT attract them to your own gaming piece! Your gaming piece is a black magnet. You control it by holding a large magnet under the board. This magnet is connected to a small magnet placed on the field. The purpose of the game is to push the small, red ball around on the field with your magnet/gaming piece, shoot the ball past the obstacles and your opponent and into the goal hole (Klask). Its so much fun when your opponent suddenly is covered in white obstacles or you drop your gaming piece into the goal something which might happen if you get a little too eager!

Place the game board on a table between the two players. Place the three white magnetic pieces on the white fields on the board. Put two coins in each point slot next to the "0". Each player has a black magnetic gaming piece in two parts. Place the short (thin) part on top of the board and the long (thick) part under the board in such a way, so the two parts catch each other. Place the ball in the corner start field. Steer it with the black gaming pieces.

The youngest player starts the game. You score a point if:

The ball ends in your opponent's hole and stays in the hole. Two or all of the three white magnetic pieces stick to your opponent's gaming piece. The opponent accidentally pulls their gaming piece into their own goal hole. If the opponent loses their gaming piece. Each time you get a point, you must move your coin one point forward in the point slot. The player who first reaches the KLASK field wins.

During the game:

If one of the white magnetic pieces sticks to a gaming piece, the game continues; if two of the white magnetic pieces stick to one gaming piece, the opponent gets one point. If the ball falls over the edges of the board, you must place the ball in the corner start field in the half from which the ball fell. If one or more white magnetic pieces fall over the edges of the board, the game continues. Each time a player scores a point, you must put the white magnetic pieces back on the white fields on the board, and the player who did not score a point places the ball in their corner start field


Extra Info

Ages: 8 and up
Artist: Mikkel Bertelsen
BGID: 165722
Category: Action / Dexterity, Real-time
Designer: Mikkel Bertelsen
Family: Components: Magnets
Mechanics: N/A
Players: 2 Players
Product Title:
Publisher: Boardgame Space, Competo / Marektoy, FantasTies, FoxMind, G3, Game Factory, Gigamic, InterHit, Klask ApS, MEBO Games, Reflexshop, VR Distribution
Time: 10 Minutes
Year: 2014
Main Category:
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