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Axis & Allies Europe 1940

Axis & Allies Europe 1940

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Axis & Allies Europe 1940, a deluxe edition of Axis & Allies: Europe, includes neutral countries which can be invaded. There are true neutrals as well as pro-axis and pro-allied neutrals. Mechanized infantry and tactical bombers are included. Mechanized infantry is represented by half-tracks. France (blue) and Italy (brown) have national tokens and dedicated units of their own. The board measures 35 inches wide by 32 inches high (89 x 81 cm).

This game is designed to be joined with Axis & Allies Pacific 1940 to create a six-player game on a map measuring 70 inches wide by 32 inches high (178 x 81 cm). This variant of the game is described in the Europe 1940 manual as Axis & Allies Global 1940.

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Game Design: Larry Harris
Game Development: Kevin Chapman and Mons Johnson
Rulebook Development: Larry Harris and Kevin Chapman
Additional Playtesting: Jeffrey Auer, eric Christoff, Mike Davis, Martin Frick, Randy Heath, Dan Kersey, Gregory Smorey, Kelly Thye, and Craig Yope
Editing: Bill McQuillan
Art Direction: Blake Beasley
Cover Illustration: Jim Butcher
Graphic Design: Leon Cortez
Cartography: Todd Gamble
Photography: Allison Shinkle
Brand Management: Brian Hart
Project Manager: Neil Shinkle
Production Management: Godot Gutierre

Second Edition
The Second Edition came with some updated rules which you can find on the publishers homepage. See Web Links.

Extra Info

Ages: 12 and up
Artist: Blake Beasley
BGID: 61692
Category: Fighting, Wargame, World War II
Designer: Larry Harris, Jr.
Family: Axis & Allies
Mechanics: Area Control / Area Influence, Area Movement, Dice Rolling, Partnerships
Product Title:
Publisher: Avalon Hill (Hasbro)
Time: 210 minutes
Year: 2010
Main Category:
Part Code:
Sub Category: